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Learn more about leading Asian rehab centers and see what they have to offer. Find information about treatment methods, site facilities and accommodation. Find Rehabs

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Drug Rehab

Find rehabs for treating addictions to illicit and prescription drugs. Get advice on how to choose the right drug rehab in Thailand, Bali and throughout Asia. Drug Rehabs

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Alcohol Rehab

Browse treatment centers for alcohol addiction including inpatient programs with in-house detox facilities, sober living homes and extended care options. Alcohol Rehabs


Learn more about addiction treatment methods and recovery services in Asia. Get tips and advice about treatment options and know what to look for when considering an Asian rehab center.


Q&A: How to Pick the Best Asian Rehab

What is the best rehab in Asia? – This is an obvious question for anyone exploring addiction treatment options, but the answer isn’t that straightforward.Learn More »

Treatment Approaches to Drug and Alcohol Addiction

Inpatient treatment programs provide 24/7 care and support. They are usually recommended for serious addictions which impair someone’s ability to function normally.Learn More »

Guide to Thailand’s Addiction Treatment Centers

Thai rehabs offer an alternative to more traditional forms of rehabilitation in a country that has a deep association with Buddhism and mindfulness.Learn More »
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Let us help you find a treatment facility that is right for your needs and budget. Rehabs in Asia offer value for money and provide a level of luxury beyond what can be found in most Western treatment settings. Asia’s leading rehabilitation clinics also provide world-class facilities and leisure activities at significantly less cost than comparable treatment centers in the United States and Europe. Get Help Now

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