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Find rehabs for treating addictions to illicit and prescription drugs. Get advice on how to choose the right drug rehab in Thailand, Bali and throughout Asia. Drug Rehabs

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Browse treatment centers for alcohol addiction including inpatient programs with in-house detox facilities, sober living homes and extended care options. Alcohol Rehabs

Starting the Process

Rehab Admissions: If you or someone you care for is looking to enter into a treatment program for addiction then contact us to speak with an advisor who can help you. We will start by asking you a few simple questions so we can get an understanding of your needs and perform an initial assessment. Any information you provide us is confidential and will not be shared with any 3rd party without your consent.

What Can Be Treated

Comprehensive Treatment Services: We offer a full range of treatment options. Most people begin inpatient treatment to overcome an addiction but there are also those facing trauma, depression, anxiety and associated disorders. The team at Rehabs Asia can also help you find rehabilitation programs for behavioral disorders like gambling, sex or shopping addictions, and eating disorders like anorexia or bulimia.

Treatment Costs

Pricing of Treatment: The cost of treatment can vary depending on the type of addiction and if a medically supervised detox is required. Any co-occurring mental health issues that might be present also need to be considered. The quality of the staff employed at rehab centers and the standard of facilities and accommodation are also a factor.

Pricing ranges from $1,000 per week for a basic service to around $4,000 per week for a premium rehab center. Single client and ultra premium treatment programs are also available that cost $10,000 to $25,000 per week. Most rehab clinics require a minimum 28 days of residential care.

How We Can Help

Free and Independent Advice: works with Addiction Friend to provide you with the best support and advice so you can make an informed decision and receive the most appropriate form of treatment for addictive behaviors. We have up-to-date information on available treatment options and the information we provide through facility listings is accurate and impartial.

Professional Associations

We Maintain High Standards: The requirements needed to operate medical and mental health services vary by country and region. When assessing treatment providers for inclusion in our network we assess the suitability on an individual basis. This may include investigating claims made regarding professional standards, the qualifications of staff members and inclusion in professional associations such as APCB, FDAPNAADACNAATP and the Thai Ministry of Public Health.


Addiction treatment and mental health services offered by can be customized to your unique needs. Our team of treatment advisors can assess you or a loved one and make suggestions that will give you the best chance of long-term recovery.

  • Support for families
  • Depression, anxiety, trauma and PTSD
  • Treatment of co-occurring disorders
  • Private or shared accommodation
  • Holistic treatment approaches
  • High staff to client ratios


Learn more about addiction treatment methods and recovery services. Get tips and advice about treatment options and know what to look for when considering an Asian rehab center.


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Rehabs in Asia provide effective addiction treatment programs at significantly less cost than comparable treatment centers in the United States, Australia and Europe. Let us help you find a treatment facility that is right for your needs and budget.  Get Help Now

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