I was in contact with Rehabs Asia for a few weeks as I was researching Thai rehab clinics. I’m am into Buddhist teachings so Thailand seems like the most obvious place to go for rehab. They made some suggestions but I decided to ignore them and went to the Thai temple rehab or ‘vomit temple’ because it seemed different to everything else. That was a big mistake! I should have listened when they said it wasn’t suitable for me because of my co-occurring disorder. I ended wasting my time and money. In the end I went with their recommendation and I made some real progress with my recovery. The one thing I have learnt is that you shouldn’t trust everything you see on the internet even if it comes from a reputable source (I wont give any names 🙂 )

The team at rehabs Asia are really friendly and were not trying to push me in any direction I didn’t want to go. Thailand is an amazing place to go but make sure you get the right advice before taking a big decision and spending money on a long-term treatment program. Thanks for your help and keep on doing what you’re doing! – Amanda G

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I should have listened the 1st time around

After attending 3 treatment centres that were not solving my issues I was prepared to give it one more chance as my money was almost all gone. Luckily I fund a really good rehabilitation centre for my addiction thanks to the support given by the team at rehab.asia. I am genuinely pleased with what you did for me and would recommend you to anyone. Cheers! – Marcus J

Professional, Approachable and Kind!

Living in the USA means I didn’t know much about alcohol rehab clinics in Thailand and some of the stuff I see online makes it confusing. Rehabs.asia was just a straight forward no strings attached info service. perfect – Jesse W

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Fantastic place to start the journey to sobriety

You changed my life and I have nothing negative to say!  From the moment i made contact i felt like i was in safe hands with people who know what they are talking about. I had really specific requests about the treatment and they took the time to listen and help me find something that was a perfect fit. The rehab they recommended was really good and had an amazing program with a focus of mindfulness.  I just wish i had taken the decision to reach out for help 3 years ago when my life starting going down hill.  I’m really grateful and will be back if i ever find myself in a similar position x x x – Emeline F


The BEST decision i ever made

Chris helped me out and gave me some really good advice. There is no pressure and I was given multiple option and ideas. I would have ended up paying more for another place I had in mind but found something that had a really positive impact on my life that I could afford. Nice one! – Tom G

Chris is a good man

I was looking at drug rehabs around Asia but wasn’t sure which one was best. The team helped me out and were really friendly 🙂 – James Lormer

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Thanks Guys!

Thanks to all of you at Rehabs.asia. You saved me loads of time and effort. I think I got a great deal and now i’m home I feel better than ever!

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A good and honest service