Rehab Centers in Thailand

Find addiction treatment and recovery centers in Thailand. Get detailed information on inpatient and outpatient clinics with comprehensive treatment programs for drug, alcohol and behavioral addictions.

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The River Rehab

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Located along the tranquil banks of the Mae Ping River with lush tropical gardens making an ideal setting for addiction recovery.

the cabin village pool

The Cabin Chiang Mai

 Chiang Mai, Thailand

A secluded facility set among the rolling mountains of Northern Thailand, The Cabin provides modern and holistic treatment to bring lasting recovery.

sahwan international rehab center

Sahwan Rehab Center

Hua Hin, Thailand

A Thai styled resort rehab center in a mountain setting provides the ideal location for recovery from addictive behaviors.

medical rehab wellness clinic

The Dawn

 Chiang Mai, Thailand

The Dawn Medical Rehab and Wellness Center provides an ideal setting to heal and recover from addictions and co-occurring disorders.

The Beach Rehab Thailand

The Beach Rehab

Hua Hin, Thailand

A beachside rehab center with an innovative program for treating drug and alcohol addictions and mental health issues.

Miracles Asia

Phuket, Thailand

A fully certified rehab center in Phuket. A spiritually healthy, supportive and peaceful environment with 24-hour care and supervision.

clarity thailand

Clarity Thailand

 Chiang Mai, Thailand

A boutique rehabilitation center offering individualized treatments for addiction and/or trauma, in a secluded, luxurious, and private setting.

siam rehab thailand

Siam Rehab Thailand

 Chiang Rai, Thailand

Siam Rehab Thailand is an affordable addiction treatment clinic in Chiang Rai with a holistic and personalized program in a supportive environment.

dara rehab thailand

DARA Rehab

 Koh Chang, Thailand

DARA provides a tranquil and natural environment for addiction recovery overlooking the ocean from the cliffs of Koh Chang Island.

luxury drug alcohol rehab thailand

The Cabin Residence

 Chiang Mai, Thailand

The Cabin Residence is an exclusive addiction treatment service that focuses on achieving recovery for a single client through a tailor-made treatment program.

lanna rehab thailand

Lanna Rehab

 Chiang Mai, Thailand

Lanna Rehab specializes in providing treatment for substance abuse, addiction and underlying psychological issues.

hope rehab center

Hope Rehab Thailand

Chonburi, Thailand

Hope rehab’s facility is in a quiet residential area on the outskirts of a small town called Sri Racha. It is an FDAP Affiliated Drug and Alcohol treatment center.

the edge rehab thailand

The Edge Rehab

 Chiang Mai, Thailand

The Edge rehab is a treatment program in Northern Thailand that addresses addiction and behavioural issues in young men.

Did you know?

Each addiction is unique so it’s important to find a treatment program that can address the individual circumstances of the person seeking help. A good rehab center should create an individualized treatment plan that serves the needs of those it claims to help.

It is advisable to learn more about the addiction treatment options in Thailand or get help from someone with knowledge of Thai addiction recovery services before committing to a treatment episode.