Alcohol and Drug De-addiction Centers in India

According to government sources, there are more than 3 million drug addicts in India. The World Health Organisation suggests that the numbers could be much higher, as it is impossible to estimate the addiction rate with any measure of accuracy due to inefficient census reporting.

The most common drugs in India are cannabis, opium, heroin and hashish. There are increasing reports of use of methamphetamine as well. According to one report, ‘almost 74 per cent Indian homes have one member, an adult, who is a drug addict.’ [Source

Drug addiction is a serious issue and families are often left to fend for themselves due to a lack of government support and inadequate addiction treatment and rehabilitation services. Alcohol addiction is also a problem.

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Addiction is a growing problem

Private De-addiction Centers

There are some good quality de-addiction centers in India but they are mostly limited to major cities and the cost of treatment is prohibitive to most people.

Private drug and alcohol addiction rehab centers in India often use traditional ayurveda medicine and alternative therapies like yoga, homeopathy and naturopathy to treat patients. Most employ in-house psychiatrists, counselors and other trained therapists with expertise in de-addiction.

Addiction Treatment Centers by Region

Central India

Phoenix Foundation India

The Phoenix Foundation in Hyderabad uses treatment methods that include cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and rational emotive behavior therapy. The program is based around the 12-step program. The facility is comprised of 25 beds with air conditioned rooms and communal facilities.

North India

Tulasi Healthcare

Tulasi Healthcare operates from several branches in New Delhi and provides treatment for drug/alcohol addiction and behavioral health disorders. Treatment is comprised of medication, counseling, behavioral therapies and support groups. Accommodation is comprised of private en-suite room with communal facilities such as badminton and table-tennis


Drug Dependence Treatment Centre

The Drug Dependence Treatment Centre in Ghaziabad provides inpatient and outpatient treatment using medically-assisted and non-medically assisted approaches. The center has medical specialists, pre-clinical and social scientists, nurses and administrative staff to monitor patient health and determine best treatment practices.


Nashamukti Kendra

The New Morning De-Addiction Cum Rehabilitation Centre (Nashamukti Kendra) in Kanpur has a team made up of psychiatrists and psychologists who provide treatment services that include detoxification, individual therapy, counseling, group therapy, educational talks and alternative therapies such as yoga.

East India

Genesis Foundation

The Genesis Foundation has branches in Kolkata and across West Bengal. The treatment method is based on psycho-spiritual therapy and counseling using the 12 steps model of the Narcotics/Alcoholics Anonymous program. The center provides detox services and long-term holistic residential rehabilitation programs.

South India

AARIT Recovery Centre

The AARIT Recovery Centre in Chennai is a 12-step recovery program that encompasses detoxification, physical/mental health examinations, group therapy, exercise and individual/family counseling. The clinical team is comprised psychologists, psychiatrists and general physicians.



Cadabam’s Amitha in Bangalore is a de-addiction center that offers short and long-term addiction rehabilitation programs for illicit/prescription drug abuse. The program utilizes individual and group therapies, counseling, meditation, yoga, psychotherapy and the AA/NA 12-steps program.



Punarjani in Thrissur, Kerala is a de-addiction retreat with a focus on the treatment of alcoholism. The program utilizes medication, counseling, Ayurvedic (Herbal Medical Treatment System) and motivational enhancement therapy (MET). Punarjani is a charitable trust.

West India

Anatta Humanversity

Anatta Humanversity in Pune has two luxury drug addiction treatment facilities with accommodations that include a villa and 3/4 bedroom apartments. An in-house chef, gym and swimming pool with serene surroundings are available to patients during rehabilitation. Meditation and counseling are key components of individualized therapy.


Arzoo Foundation

The Arzoo Foundation in Mumbai has a team comprised of psychiatrists and medical practitioners that provide individualized treatment programs for drug and alcohol addictions. The center contains dormitory style, semi-deluxe and deluxe rooms with amenities that include a gym, meditation room and library.

Government De-addiction Programs

The Indian government has no real plan in place to deal with the issue of addiction and is yet to come to terms with the fact that substance abuse has become an epidemic in the country. While there are many government hospitals that offer addiction treatment and rehabilitation services, most of are overcrowded with inadequate facilities.

It is estimated that 70 percent of the de-addiction centers lack standard treatment and care facilities; which means that the chances of a relapse is high. That’s why the majority of government programs have very low success rates – it is rare for an addict to remain sober following a treatment episode in a government-run de-addiction facility. The rehab centers run by voluntary organizations don’t fare much better either.

Most facilities do not follow internationally accepted norms and have a poor infrastructure. There is a shortage of trained staff to handle the medical and psychiatric needs of patients during the treatment process.

While there are select rehab centers in India that are equipped with the latest medical and therapeutic processes, a vast majority do not have the expertise or medicines needed to assist in recovery, such as naltrexone, acamprol and topimerate.

Addiction Treatment Outside India

Going abroad for drug and alcohol addiction treatment is becoming more common for those with the financial resources to pay for care. The appeal lies in the fact that many overseas rehab facilities have a high success rate and offer guaranteed privacy and confidentiality.

This is advantageous to anyone who doesn’t want to worry about friends, colleagues or relatives finding out about addictive behaviors and ensures medical records are not released to any outside individual or organization without permission.

lanna rehab center
A private and secluded de-addiction center in Thailand
“There is a growing trend in India – upper-classes are traveling overseas for confidential de-addiction services in resort-style clinics.” – Amit Roy
cost of de-addiction
Luxury addiction treatment clinics can cost more than $10,000

Asian rehabs in places like Thailand or Bali in Indonesia are not expensive by international standards. With pricing starting from $4,000+ for 28 days of inpatient treatment at a basic facility, they mostly offer private accommodation, holistic therapies and provide highly trained medical staff.

Another advantage of being admitted into a foreign rehab is that they accept patients immediately and are unlikely to have waiting lists, unlike some drug and alcohol de-addiction centers in India.

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