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Information & Advice

The information and advice offered by Rehabs.asia is for general educational and information purposes only, it does not render medical advice and should not be used for treating or diagnosing health problems, nor does it substitute or replace any relationship you might have with any health care provider. The purpose of this site and any associated service is to provide information regarding certain treatment facilities and to offer guidance to allow a user of these services to seek an appropriate treatment solution, and to provide any information that is deemed to be relevant or helpful to such persons.

Rehabs.asia aim to provide the most suitable advice for each enquiry based on the information provided. Reliance upon such information from Rehabs.asia or any affiliate service providers rests with the user at the user’s own risk. Communication between Rehabs.asia and a user of the service may be recorded to provide evidence of a business transaction or for training purposes where consent has been given to do so.


Our Network of Treatment Centres

Rehabs.asia provides treatment options through an international network of private rehabilitation clinics. Any advice offered is free of charge and is based on the information provided and the circumstances of those seeking treatment. We cannot guarantee that treatment will be successful or that you will not relapse in the future. Once arrangements have been made for entering a treatment service you do not have the statutory right to cancel by notice to us. You may have a statutory right to cancel by notice to the service provider prior to treatment commencing.


Changes to Terms & Conditions

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