Addiction Rehab Center (ARC)

Chiang Mai, Thailand

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Addiction Rehab Center (ARC) is a boutique drug and alcohol rehab in northern Thailand set amongst peaceful and picturesque surroundings in Chiang Mai province. It’s private location is away from population centers and the distractions and strains of everyday life.

Inpatient treatment combines a unique and holistic approach with a focus on structured 12 Step training as part of a personalized addiction recovery program, enabling individuals to live their lives to the full.

With a Western management team supported by local professionals, ARC represents a value for money treatment program for those who’s influence of alcohol and/or other drugs has become unmanageable.


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Private Room

Treatment Approach

ARC use a holistic, spiritual approach that incorporates meditation and relaxation therapy to assist with the mental, physical and spiritual needs of individuals overcoming addictions. All patients build a foundation in 12-Step recovery and develop the necessary tools to enhance the progress made during treatment. The program combines a unique system with an activities based and holistic approach to self improvement.

Inpatient treatment includes a thorough clinical and medical assessment at a specialist addiction hospital with additional detoxification offered under supervision. Family and/or loved ones are encouraged to participate in the treatment program.

Education is achieved through a combination of individual and group counseling, involvement in support groups, mindfulness, educational lectures and video content. The combination of treatment modalities provide a wide perspective of addiction, what it is, and how one can successfully overcome it.


ARC is set amongst landscaped gardens with a swimming pool and all essential amenities. Shared facilities include a TV lounge, dining room, and communal outdoor space with smoking areas.

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All rooms are private single occupancy en-suite villas with balcony.

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Activities and Options

ARC benefits from being located in an area renowned for its natural beauty and cultural heritage. Sunday excursions to local attractions include elephant parks, temple tours, zip lining, and much more.

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Need Help? Confidential Advice Available 24/7 from Rehab Placement Specialists.

Aftercare Options/Discharge Support

ARC offers a personalized system of aftercare constructed to suit the individual needs of it’s clients. Aftercare and ongoing therapy can include participation is support groups such as AA or NA, guided participation in new hobbies, voluntary and/or charity work and follow-up visits.

Introductory Videos


The team at ARC have years of experience assisting people in successful treatment for drug and alcohol addictions. With personal experience of overcoming addiction, the staff professionally help individuals by sharing their first hand knowledge of how to maintain sobriety, free from the effects of addiction and stress. Expertise includes CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy), alternative treatment plans like NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming) and co-dependency.

Additional Services

  • Visa services if selecting 90 day program.
  • Medical check-up at dedicated hospital.
  • Sober living and extended care options.

Useful Information

• Pick up and drop off from Chiang Mai airport.
• Escort to hospital for medical assessment.
• Help arranging visa applications.
• Western-trained, professionally accredited counselors on staff.
• Specialist dietary requirements can be catered for with prior approval.

Admission Requirements

• You should be physically and mentally able to participate in daily activities.
• You must be willing to abide by treatment program rules and regulations.
• You must be willing to follow the treatment plan developed by the team of counselors.