Hope Rehab

Chonburi, Thailand

Hope Rehab Center Thailand


Hope rehab is located in a quiet residential area on the outskirts of a small town called Sri Racha. It is an FDAP affiliated alcohol and drug addiction treatment clinic certified by APCB (Asia Pacific Board). It is located close to secluded island beaches with easy access to Bangkok airport. Hope rehab offers intensive 30 day and long-term addiction treatment programs.

Detox (off-site)

Accept Insurance

Private Room

Treatment Approach

Hope rehab offer a psychological, physical, mindfulness and community based addiction treatment and recovery program that is designed to be practical and simple to use. It is made up from a combination of therapeutic tools that have been developed by well-respected experts in the addiction treatment arena. The primary care program is evidence-based and has been tested to demonstrate its outcome and long-term effectiveness.


The facility comprises of traditional Thai teak houses, fitness area, 3 comfortable group therapy rooms and a fully converted DC3 passenger aircraft, amongst other interesting buildings.


There are 12 client bedrooms and 5 staff bedrooms, all en-suite with own bathrooms. All rooms have air-conditioning.

Hope rehab basic and cheap accommodation
Hope Rehab Thailand small single room
Private double room at Hope Rehab Center

Activities and Options

Island trips, Market visits, Shopping trips, Buddhist temple visits, Elephant tours, Cycling tours, Beach walks, Yoga, Tai Chi, Swimming, Fishing, Thai cookery classes, Gym fitness, Hiking, Cycling, Thai boxing/Muay Thai.

Need Help? Confidential Advice Available 24/7 from Rehab Placement Specialists.

Aftercare Options/Discharge Support

Personal Relapse Prevention Plan.


Counselors, Support Staff, Fitness Instructors and Trainers, Mindfulness and Meditation.

Additional Services

Transport and transfer from Bangkok airport.

Admission Requirements

• You should be physically and mentally able to participate in daily activities.
• You must be willing to abide by treatment program rules and regulations.
• You must be willing to follow the treatment plan developed by the team of counselors.