The Cabin Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai, Thailand

the cabin chiang mai view from outside


The Cabin Chiang Mai is a custom built addiction rehabilitation facility set amongst the scenic mountains of Northern Thailand. A modern and holistic treatment approach is designed to bring lasting recovery from addiction in a beautiful resort setting. Recognized as one of Asia’s finest and most respected drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers,

The Cabin Chiang Mai focuses on treating substance abuse and the mental issues that often surround addiction. With 80 years of combined experience on staff, and a 96% completion rate amongst its clients, The Cabin ranks among the best in the world at what they do.

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Treatment Approach

The inpatient addiction treatment method at The Cabin uses ‘Recovery Zones’ as a principal treatment approach. A modern, intelligent, holistic and physical program, it combines the evidence-based techniques of CBT with 12 Step therapy and the support of fellowships and extensive resources.

Cognitive behavioural therapy is highly personalised and tailored to each individual clients specific needs. 12 Step based aspects of the program are explained through a series of workshops using ‘secular’, or non-religious language to suit the diverse backgrounds of their clientele.

Exercise Therapy forms a significant component of the treatment program as part of an overall aim to create a sound mind and body. Mindfulness meditation is also utilized as an evidence based way to treat emotional and mental health disorders such as anxiety and depression which can co-occur with addictions.


A comprehensive range of facilities include:

  • Refreshing swimming pools
  • Poolside lounge areas
  • Mountain-view fitness centre
  • Massage room
  • Wi Fi (regulated access times)
  • DVD and book library
  • Mountain bikes
  • Board games
  • Juice bar
  • Tranquil relaxation areas
  • Meditation and yoga studio
  • Open-air restaurant
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pool in lush tropical setting
top thai chef
yoga studio
well equipped weights gym
active basketball court


All guest rooms are complete with the following:

  • Air-conditioning
  • King-size bed
  • Chaise lounge sofa
  • Ensuite with shower/bathtub
  • DVD player + Cable T.V.
  • Flat screen television
  • Refrigerator
  • Wi-Fi (regulated access)
  • Daily laundry and cleaning
modern bedroom at new cabin center
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boutique bathroom entrance

Activities and Options

The Cabin Chiang Mai benefits from being located in an area that is world renowned for its natural beauty and cultural heritage. Guests are able to participate in a wide variety of professionally operated activities including white water rafting, elephant parks, zip lining through the jungle, and much more.

Need Help? Confidential Advice Available 24/7 from Rehab Placement Specialists.

Aftercare Options/Discharge Support

A comprehensive aftercare program is created for each client to ensure the transition back home after completion of primary care is supported as much as possible.

Individualized and detailed aftercare provision includes regular attendance of support groups like AA and NA, connecting with local addiction support services and frequent meetings with referring physicians or counselors. Additional extended support provides help finding new local counselors or other professional addiction recovery support if deemed appropriate.

The Cabin Addiction Services Group are also uniquely positioned to offer an Online Aftercare Counseling Program that uses the latest online video technology and high speed connectivity to engage a counselor with clients in face-to-face group therapy sessions.

Introductory Videos


The Cabin Chiang Mai treatment program is coordinated by a team of highly experienced, licensed specialists who use a self-pioneered addiction treatment model. The counseling team is supported by 24 hour on-site medical staff as well as a dedicated and professional support team that includes fitness, mindfulness coaches and reception staff.

The core treatment program is conducted by Western-trained and licensed professionals with extensive experience in addiction recovery.

Additional Services

  • Visa services if selecting 90 day program.
  • Medical check-up at dedicated hospital.
  • 24 hour English speaking Doctor.
  • Sober living and extended care options.

Useful Information

• Program completion rates of 96% equal the best recovery rates known in Asia.
• The Cabin offer a unique refund policy.
• Accepted as a treatment provider by leading health insurance companies.
• Western-trained, professionally accredited counselors on staff.

Admission Requirements

• You should be physically and mentally able to participate in daily activities.
• You must be willing to abide by treatment program rules and regulations.
• You must be willing to follow the treatment plan developed by the team of counselors.