How to Find the Best Rehab Treatment in Thailand

Are you considering travelling to a Thai rehab facility for addiction treatment? Are you looking at Thai rehab centers for a family member or friend?

You have come to the right place. Thailand has a number of high quality treatment clinics. But with so many options to consider it is easy to get confused. That’s why it is important to find advice and get information from the right sources. is one of the best options for those looking for information about drug and alcohol addiction services in Thailand. We have a very good idea of what a good rehab facility should be as we deal with all the leading treatment programs. We know what addiction specialists, therapists and other experts you can expect to see in a rehab center.

We are also aware of the concerns of those looking to join these facilities. If you have a loved one who is suffering from an addiction, we totally understand how concerned you are about making sure that they join the right rehab clinic.

Based on our experience, here are the things to watch out for when selecting a good rehab facility in Thailand.

Does the Rehab Meet Your Specific Requirements?

Do note that there isn’t one particular approach to addiction treatment that will work for every person. The important thing is to select a rehab that provides you with exactly what you are looking for.

To begin with, the approach to the treatment should be something you agree with. The rehab should provide the right aftercare.

There are always certain restrictions within a rehab facility, after all a rehab without restrictions is not really a rehab. But the facility should not be too restrictive and shouldn’t be like a prison. You should have some freedom during the stay.

The rehab should have a decent client to therapist ratio. It should have highly qualified and experienced therapists or counselors, who have worked with scores of recovering addicts in the past.

Also, you need to find out if the rehab provides you with a safe environment for detoxification. This is important as the detox phase is very complex and dangerous if not conducted under the supervision of trained addiction specialists.

rehab checklist can help you choose a treatment provider that is right for your needs

Don’t Choose a Rehab Center by Simply Looking at the Photos on Their Website or in Advertisements

Pictures can be highly misleading. Just because a rehab center puts out enchanting pictures of Thailand on their website or on their advertising material, it does not mean that is what you will get to see at the facility. Some rehabs advertise a tropical beach, but it is only when you visit the place that you find out that the facility is in the middle of a highly populated industrial area in the city.

That’s why you should do your research. Use Google Maps to find out about the true location of the rehab, whether they are being truthful with their advertising and marketing. You can also use Google Maps to get some idea about the surroundings.

Read Client Reviews

Read reviews from sources you can trust, such as Google Reviews or Facebook reviews – reviews by real people who have actually been to the facility. While some of these reviews can be fake they are more likely to be genuine than reviews that only appear on the rehab centers own website. Talk to people who have been to a rehab in Thailand and ask them for their opinion on the various rehab clinics in that country.

Bear in mind that one person’s bad experience may not be a true representation of a particular program. can help you if you need any advice or support. Our service is free, independent and confidential.

Learn to Read the Fine Print

There are many rehab clinics in Thailand and they are eager to have you join them. So it is possible that they might misrepresent themselves. That’s why it is important that you should ask them the right questions, read between the lines and read the fine print.

A rehab may claim to offer elephant rides and Thai massage – but if you read the fine print, you will find out that the elephant rides are only organized twice a year and the Thai massage is only done on Sundays.

There is also the fact that some drug and alcohol treatment centers charge additional fees for medications used during a detox and personal expenses. The extent to which these apply varies but it is definitely something to consider!


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About the Author: David Holmes is an addiction treatment counselor with years of experience working as a mental health and addiction therapist. He manages aftercare and support services for treatment providers in the United Kingdom and consults for rehab clinics in Asia.

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