Admission to Rehab provides a service that refers alcohol or drug addicts, or those suffering from behavioral addictions to rehab centers across Asia.

In partnership with the Addiction Friend recovery network, we can refer patients who choose to pay for the cost of treatment by themselves or through their health insurance provider.


Our support and referral service is free and there are no hidden charges at all.

Self Admission

We are able to place patients on short notice. Our team may need to perform an initial assessment and ask a few questions before making any recommendation for treatment. You will be kept in the loop at all stages and will know exactly what to expect at each step.

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As you arrive at a rehab center, a thorough clinical assessment of your condition is performed and a comprehensive treatment plan is drawn up by trained medical specialists.

You can get in touch with us at any time. You are assured of complete privacy and confidentiality. You can call us or request a call back to any country from a member of our treatment support team.


How the process works…

  • An initial assessment if performed to establish whether the patient requires rehab or not.
  • The person is then directly referred to an appropriate rehab program based on the patient’s condition and special requirements.
  • The rehab center then carries out its own assessment of the patient’s eligibility. It may do so on the basis of a telephone interview or a face-to-face meeting.
  • Once the funding has been agreed to, the placement is taken care of by the rehabilitation center. Special arrangements are then made for the patient’s admission into the facility.

Some rehabs charge all-inclusive weekly or monthly rates. There may be extra charges for some services such as the cost of detox, aftercare, drug testing and medication.

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Referral by a Healthcare Professional

The admission process varies from one rehab center to another. Some private rehab facilities require a letter of referral from your physician or General Practitioner with extensive information about your medical history and addiction. A consultant psychiatrist, doctor or specialist from the center will stay in touch with your physician or GP.

A detailed medical and psychological evaluation is done before you can be accepted into the program. An admission date will be given to you, following which you can make arrangements for your travel. You will be sent an admission pack before your arrival at the center. This will contain information on what you can expect when you arrive.