Addiction Rehab

Rehab or rehabilitation has a very specific purpose – to help addicts overcome a substance abuse or behavioral disorder that has been afflicting them.

It is a gradual and methodical process aimed at providing addicts with the support, resources and education they need to overcome their dependency, and get back to leading a life free from addictive behaviors.

Some people can be apprehensive about rehab, and how it would change life as they know it. They might worry if they can see their family during recovery, whether they will be locked away from everyone in a faraway treatment facility, and about what would happen to their job, relationships and business during the time they spend in rehab.

If you are in any doubt about joining a rehabilitation program, there are numerous resources that can explain why rehab can make such a difference to your life, how long it should take and the different types of rehabilitation services.

What to Expect from an Addiction Recovery Program

Rehab programs do the following:

  • Help you overcome destructive behaviors and achieve a life free from addiction.
  • Prevent the occurrence of a relapse or reduce the severity of one, if it were to occur.
  • Help you lead a happy, fulfilling and fully functional life.

Different Types of Rehab

Rehab facilities are divided mainly into inpatient rehab centers and outpatient rehab centers. In addition to rehab centers, there are local support groups, sober houses or recovery houses, extended care centers, counseling, psychiatric treatments, health care programs and other critical facilities. The programs provided by rehab centres could be based on age or gender.


Inpatient rehab centers – An inpatient or residential rehab program will typically last from 4 to 12 weeks. It is recommended to those suffering from a long-term addiction, who are required to go through a critical detox process. Inpatient rehab programs are staffed by qualified addiction specialists and have an encouraging environment to support abstinence and faster recovery from drug, alcohol or behavioral addictions.


Outpatient rehab centers – Outpatient rehab facilities offer education, psychiatric counseling and critical skill development to help people recover faster from an addiction. They are a usually recommended for those who wish to get rid of their addiction, but cannot afford to leave their jobs or family to join an inpatient facility.

Rehabilitation can take place in a variety of settings such as hospitals, clinics, community centers or private, secluded facilities situated in some of the most exotic locations in the world.

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Who should join a rehab program?

Rehabs are for anyone with a drug/alcohol habit, or behavioral disorder that is having a detrimental affect on daily life. There are many studies that show that rehab programs are very effective at helping people overcome their addiction forever. Time spent in rehabs and other addiction support facilities has a strong bearing on how quickly people shake off their addiction successfully.

How can rehabilitation centers help me? Why is rehab important?

Rehab helps you live a fulfilling life by providing the tools necessary to overcome your addiction permanently. Attending a rehab allows you to rebuild your life in a controlled, friendly and encouraging environment. It helps you recover self-esteem and get back to how you were before addiction took control of your life.

Which addictions are treated at a rehab center?

The most common addictions treated in rehab centers relate to illicit drugs, prescription drugs and alcohol. Rehab centers are also recommended to those suffering from psychiatric problems or mental health disorders such as anxiety and depression as part of a co-occurring diagnosis. Rehabs also address compulsive disorders such as internet addiction, or addiction to sex, compulsive shopping, etc.

How many days/weeks does someone stay at a rehab?

Ideally, you should stay at least 28 days in an inpatient rehab. But there is no set time as such. Some addicts spend as long as one year in rehab. Generally, how long you spend at a rehab center depends on the nature and history of your addiction, and whether you have any mental health disorders such as anxiety or depression.

A short term rehab may be 90 days or less. It is recommended for those who require non-acute care to help get rid of their dependency to alcohol or drugs.

Long term rehabs can last for three to six months. They are recommended to those with a serious problem with alcohol or drug abuse. Long term rehab can include transitional living arrangements in halfway houses following the end of the stay at the primary treatment facility. It can take up to one year or more.

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The Cost of Rehab

Rehabs are very effective at helping people overcome their addiction, but they can be expensive too. The cost of inpatient rehab programs depends on the level of care on offer, the location, and the level of privacy provided to patients. In the United States, for example, there are some luxury rehabs that cost over $120,000 a month. So, the cost of the treatment is often the biggest hindrance to those who need help.

Due to the high cost associated with private addiction treatment centers, rehabs in Asia have seen a surge in popularity in recent years, especially in Thailand, where the cost of treatment is significantly less than comparable services in the USA and Europe.