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About Kolonial House Rehab and Retreat Centre

Kolonial house rehab and retreat centre is a western owned and operated, luxury rehab facility in the peaceful beachfront village of Sanur, Bali.

We treat a range of addictive behaviors and mental health issues separately, including alcoholism or drug abuse, anxiety, depression, and trauma.

When it comes to supporting our clients through rehabilitation, we have found a customized approach, together with the proven benefit of small, peer group therapy is most effective. This is why our programs are tailored to the unique needs of each client, with only 4 clients on-site in our private suites and 2 in nearby premium villas.

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Treatment Approach

Our Bali rehab centre incorporates best practices in addiction medicine, clinical psychology, and holistic therapies. Our program director, and expert team, will customize a plan based on a comprehensive initial assessment. They will listen to your needs and personal circumstances. The most appropriate clinician and support staff will be assigned to your care as part of your individual program, including 1 on 1 session with our professional psychotherapists, and counselors.

Therapies include CBT, motivational interviewing, mindfulness meditation techniques, family systems therapy, trauma release exercises, art therapy, and several other treatment methods. Some small group therapy sessions, and activities, are also offered, which have been proven highly beneficial, offering peer support and common experience. We do not force clients to attend 12 step meetings, although there are well-established, both AA and NA fellowships in Sanur.

We also use the SMART (Self Management And Recovery Tools) group therapy program, also based all over the world, on the latest evidence-based techniques and recovery tools. We can introduce the principles of any of these programs, most suited to your needs if you choose.

Complementary treatments include acupuncture, ayurvedic treatments, yoga therapy, breathwork/pranayama. Credible local healing treatments, massage, steam room detox.

Physical activities include many options, such as daily yoga and meditation classes, regular beach walks, a 24/7 full-size gym, martial arts or boxing, and a full range of Watersports.

Daily exercise, enjoyable activities, a purpose in life, and a healthy diet, are fundamentals always encouraged.

Our centre is secure, private, and safe, however, we do not lock clients up. When clients feel ready to explore and experience normal life, our support companions can accompany them.

We also don’t force clients to participate in any therapy, meetings, or activity they prefer not to. We do encourage clients to practice, honesty, acceptance, and promote positive self-esteem. We do not shame or blame and discourage negative stigmas. We carefully assess each client’s intake and do not take detoxing clients or those with more serious acute issues, to maintain harmony in the house. Our partner, an expert primary care facility, specializes in the medical care necessary to manage those clients in a safe lockdown facility, before possibly joining us when they are more clear, healthy, and ready to continue on their healing journey.

Extensive Facilities

Kolonial House is our own private and peaceful sanctuary located in Sanur, a 20 min drive from the airport and just a five-minute walk from the wellness centre on the beach.

The facility has a beautiful swimming pool, several lounge areas, library, musical instruments, 2 kitchens, consultation and spa treatment rooms, steam room, and fitness equipment. The beautiful gardens, with a koi and turtle pond, together with its boutique colonial style, and white decor, create a very relaxing atmosphere.

Our unique, eco-friendly wellness centre, yoga, and meditation school are surrounded by a garden oasis, directly on a beautiful white sand beach, just 5 mins walk from Kolonial House. We also have partner facilities all close by, which includes, a 24/7, full-size gym, watersports center, golf and tennis facilities, and complete spa, cosmetic treatment centre.

Frangipani tree provides shade from the sun
Large communal counseling and therapy room
Villa made from bamboo with hammock in garden
Local man performs acupuncture on woman from Australia
Genius cafe made from bamboo strcuture
African American addiction counselor with client

Private Accommodation

Kolonial House features 8 private ensuite rooms, all with character furnishings, fast Wifi, satellite TV, and DVD player.

We also have private deluxe villas, close by the center, for those clients preferring anonymity, or who would like to bring family support, and customize a program to suit their own requirements. The villas are also used for after-care, sober house transition, or can be used by visiting family members.

Bali rehab center guest accommodation with natural furnishings
White buildings with terracotta tiled roof
Kolonial House guest room with marble floors

Activities and Options

The rehabilitation program includes many optional activities. Daily expert yoga/meditation classes. 24/7 full-size gym, with personal trainers including boxing and martial arts, daily beach walks, a range of water sports, golf, and tennis facilities, all close by. Weekend excursions include many adventure activities, cultural tours, and all the iconic options Bali has to offer, including mountain/volcano, or jungle trekking, whitewater rafting, diving or snorkeling trips, village and temple visits.

Another unique highlight is Maia, the center’s own (45-foot) Catamaran, which is an alternative group meeting and therapy space, used for sailing, swimming, and meditation on the ocean.

Row of weights for cardiovascular activities
Woman enjoys hot stone therapy for addiction recovery
Mount Agung active volcano in Bali, Indonesia

Aftercare and relapse prevention

We place great emphasis on developing a comprehensive after-care plan with your counselor. Together, we will create a daily routine to follow, discuss ways to manage or avoid triggers and stay motivated to continue your recovery. You can choose to stay directly connected to your lead psych, or counselor, with online sessions. We will assist with connecting you to group Therapy, or suitable counselors and support at home.

Need Help? Confidential Support from Rehab Placement Specialists.

For those clients with limited financial resources, we can also assist you to transition after your in-house stay here, to a more budget safe housing accommodation, nearby. This way you can continue with your recovery while being supported by our community, staff, and companions, who will genuinely become like family or friends. You can continue with ongoing meetings, selected therapies, treatments, and enjoy a further break from your life at home. We don’t offer unrealistic quick fixes at Kolonial House.

Generally, for most people, the first months particularly, are critical to breaking old habits and forming new motivations and lifestyle changes. The following 6 months and beyond, it is often still necessary to maintain your recovery earnestly. Many clients experience the bubble of rehab, bursting when they return home after short, 30 day stays, especially in lockdown facilities. We offer a more flexible, open, real-life experience, still fully supported. Our main motivation is to honestly assist you to really transform your life for the long term.

Professional Staffing

Treatment is run by experienced, empathic professionals, including a medical addiction specialist consultant,3 psychotherapists,2 trained counselors, teachers, holistic therapists, and support people. 24/7 on-call medical staff. All staff genuinely care about the recovery of our clients and will do their very best to follow our standards and ethical commitment.

We are accredited with the F.D.A.P. the federation of drug and alcohol professionals. Clinical staff are all trained and licensed professionals. The support staff are all experienced in rehabilitation. holistic therapists and teachers are all trained, experienced practitioners. All staff, including management, follow strict standards and ethics, including a zero-tolerance to sexual, mental, or physical harassment policy.

Additional Services

  • Visa assistance for extended treatment durations.
  • VIP Immigration Service at the airport.
  • Ongoing health retreat programs, at Power of Now Oasis
  • Transitional accommodation and extended stay assistance, for clients and family.
  • Family support, training, advice
  • Online and distance counseling

Useful Information

  • At a reasonable price, we do everything with honesty and integrity.
  • We incorporate all the best holistic and clinical therapies, proven to be most effective.
  • We are accredited with the AP, the registration body and network for addiction professionals, ensuring high standards and ethics.
  • We are not motivated by profit, our primary motivation is to provide the highest standard of care and honesty, help as many people and their families as possible while supporting the local staff, community, and foundations, who are the main beneficiaries. Our local team is like a family.

Admission Requirements

  • A willingness to do your best to recover.
  • Honesty and having a basic level of mental and physical health.
  • Agree to all the house rules.


+62 819-9908-7921



Jl. Sekar Waru No.20, Sanur, Denpasar Selatan, Kota Denpasar, Bali 80227, Indonesia