Treating Different Forms of Addiction

The most common types of addiction are substance use disorders. But addiction can exist in several different forms. Behavioral disorders such as addictions relating to sex, shopping, internet and gambling can be just as dangerous and require specialist treatment.

Most traditional rehab centers treat alcohol or drug addiction using several different techniques but more specialized treatment may be required for behavioral disorders.

You should find a program that is specific to the needs and circumstances of the individual concerned.

around the addiction cycle
The cycle of addiction

Signs of Addiction

Do you have an addiction? Or is it someone you love and care about affected by addictive behaviors? It can be difficult to determine whether you have an addiction or not, but there are a few common signs that you should watch out for, such as…

  • Having a powerful urge to use a substance or to perform a certain activity.
  • Not being able to focus on your work, study, or relationships because of the addiction.
  • Using a substance in secret, or doing something dangerous, such as driving when drunk.
  • Continuing with the substance abuse, even at the cost of your social life.
  • Spending most of your time recovering from a hangover, with little time left for work or play.
  • Cutting back on your participation in various activities such as sports, artistic pursuits and other hobbies.
  • Not having time to participate in occupational, recreational or social activities.
  • Using the substance, such as a prescription drug or an illicit drug, even after its bad effects have been established and you know that it is dangerous.

Every addiction is different. You should find a rehab facility that focuses on your addiction and treats the condition as effectively as possible.

Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism

Alcoholism is one of the most dangerous disorders. Recovering from alcohol addiction can be difficult. It is a process that can take years, not just a few weeks. With proper support and treatment, alcohol addiction can be overcome.

Alcohol use is more common in certain social groups or situations. Often times, largely because of peer pressure, individuals lose control and transition into heavy drinkers from just casual drinkers.

Alcohol addiction can vary from mild to very serious, and is marked by a complete loss of control. Individuals that succumb to alcoholism can resort to irrational behavior such as driving when drunk, stealing, losing their temper and committing acts of violence.

Alcohol addiction is marked by a physical dependency, development of a high level of tolerance to alcohol and negative consequences resulting from sustained alcohol abuse.

When alcohol has been abused for a sustained period of time and intake is reduced suddenly, the person can experience severe withdrawal symptoms.

alcoholic woman drinking spirits

Side effects of alcohol withdrawal can include sleep disorders, hand tremors, nausea, fast heartbeat, vomiting, anxiety attacks, hallucinations, seizures and restlessness.

Most withdrawal symptoms are distinctly discomforting, that’s why it is important that the detox process should be carried out in a medically supervised facility, so that the risk of seizures can be kept as low as possible.

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As someone transitions from being an occasional drinker to a heavy drinker, they develop a much higher tolerance for alcohol and become desensitized to its effects. This often leads to an increase in alcohol intake and frequency of intoxication.

Alcohol addiction affects every area of your life. It has far reaching consequences and can affect everything, from your finances and professional life to relationships, marriage and social life. An alcoholic finds it very hard to maintain a semblance of normalcy in their life.

Another effect of alcohol use is the harmful effect it has on the brain and the body This can lead to diseases and health problems such as cirrhosis, heart disease and considerable damage to the brain and the digestive tract. It is also dangerous for pregnant women to consume alcohol as it can affect the foetal development. Alcoholics are also prone to suicidal thoughts.

If you have a problem with alcohol addiction, you should seek help and attend treatment at an alcohol rehab center if deemed necessary by a healthcare professional . Here, you will not only regain your sobriety and overcome the disorder, but also regain your physical and mental health.

“Alcohol rehab gives you the tools to overcome addiction and maintain sobriety.”

Alcohol rehab centers offer highly effective treatment for alcoholism by addressing the root causes of the disorder. They help patients get their life back in order and ensure the highest level of safety and supervision, especially during the detox phase. In addition to joining an alcohol rehab facility, you should also seek out additional support from self-help groups such as SMART Recovery and Alcoholics Anonymous.

Drug Addiction and Substance Abuse

Drug addiction, whether it is addiction to prescription drugs or illicit drugs, is the most common type of addiction across the world.

There is no clear line of demarcation between illicit drugs and prescription drugs these days as a number of legitimate prescriptions are used in the illicit market. This places individuals at a great danger of acquiring disorders related to substance abuse.

There are different classes of drugs, and each of them has different characteristics or association with addiction or abuse. The point to be noted here is that all drugs lead to negative consequences for health and can even lead to death.

medication addicted lady

The treatment stages required for successful addiction recovery will depend on the drugs that are used and their effect on the user.

There are many techniques used to treat drug addiction ranging from detox treatments that are professionally supervised to extended bahavioral therapy programs.

Normally, prescription drug abuse is said to happen when someone takes more prescription drugs than is recommended by their doctor or physician.

Prescription drugs are often taken orally but can also be used by crushing the pills and injecting them into the bloodstream directly or snorting on them to get a high, without any intervention of a trained medical professional.

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If you need help for prescription or illicit drug abuse, you should consider entering into a drug rehab center program as soon as possible. Any withdrawal from illicit or prescription drugs should be supervised by trained medical professionals as the process can be painful, discomforting and even dangerous to your life.

Medicines such as Suboxone are used in the treatment of addiction to drugs such as oxycodone, heroin and hydrocodone, as well as to facilitate treatment of opioid dependence. The detox should be followed up by a number of other treatments such as individual and group therapies as part of a rehabilitation program.

Behavioral Addictions and Disorders

Behavioral addictions or addictions to specific behaviors, rather than substances, are quite common. These addictions are just as dangerous as addiction to drugs or alcohol, and can be damaging to your life.

Eating disorders, for example, are life-threatening disorders. They need to be treated promptly; otherwise they could have a severe impact on your health.

Treatment for behavioral addictions consists of highly specialized therapeutic interventions which should only be performed by trained experts. Behavioral addiction treatment should be individualized to take account of different forms of a specific disorder and the individual affected by it.

Treatment should address the root causes of the disorder, so that the person is able to put an end to destructive behaviors permanently.

examples of behavior addictions graphic

There are different behavioral therapies used such as cognitive behavioral therapy, group discussions and individual counseling sessions, art therapy, physical exercise and meditation.

Types of Behavioral Addictions

  • Codependency
  • Gambling
  • Work
  • Love
  • Food and Eating
  • Sex
  • Shopping
  • Exercise
  • Internet and Gaming

Behavioral Addiction Rehab

There are some rehab centers in Asia that specialize in the treatment of behavioral addictions and co-occuring disorders.

Finding the right kind of help can increase your chances of long-term recovery so make sure that any treatment program you choose has the professional expertize to deal with your specific behavioral needs and requirements.

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