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“Bespoke recovery without premium prices who welcome teens too”
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About Island Recovery in Bali

Island Recovery is an affordable family-run trauma and addiction recovery center located in the cosmopolitan district of Renon. It is conveniently positioned close to some of Bali’s best beaches and attractions with programs suitable for all ages, including teens. It offers a safe sanctuary for wellness, fostering a transformative journey to a life of health, purpose, and renewal.

Tailored programs use proven evidence-based practices and provide a personalized approach to recovery in a residential treatment setting dedicated to healing. By identifying and healing core emotional traumas, Island Recovery empowers individuals with new life skills for long lasting sobriety in a supportive and compassionate environment.

Detox (on-site)

Teen Expertise

Private Room

Inpatient Treatment Program

Island Recovery Bali understands that recovery is a unique journey and a one-size-fits-all approach does not deliver the most successful outcomes. By providing tailored 30-day residential programs, the distinct needs of clients can be effectively addressed to create a path to freedom from addictive behaviors and co-occurring disorders. A specialized youth rehabilitation program is also available for teens who require treatment with specialist supervision.

A holistic approach to healing is based on Four Pillars of Transformation; Clinical Therapies, Healthy Body, Addiction Awareness Development, and Connection & Environment. The solution-oriented approach is centered on the belief of “Core Value Alignment” with a strong emphasis on wellness through spiritual alignment. By moving beyond traditional concepts, the program promotes a deep connection to the inner self and the world around, fostering a sense of purpose and meaning.

Evidence-based clinical therapies include Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Somatic Therapy and Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT). By addressing thought patterns and destructive behaviors, these therapies combined with holistic elements form a dynamic framework to empower individuals, while instilling positive changes to heal mind, body, and spirit.

Island Recovery and Partner Facilities

Island Recovery has partnered with numerous complimentary service providers including galleries, music studios and gyms; providing the opportunity to explore interests that matter to you. The stunning villa is also the ultimate private retreat, far away from triggers, where you can relax and recuperate during downtime.

  • Tropical garden pool
  • Therapy room
  • Various relaxation areas
  • Landscaped gardens
  • Sports and fitness facilities
  • Numerous partner facilities
  • Gym access
  • Local parks and gardens

Multicourt all weather badminton facility
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Residential Treatment Accommodation

A beautiful 3-ensuite villa in Renon ensures the most personal environment for recovery in an urban island oasis. Luxurious private bedrooms are quiet and comfortable with outdoor terraces to relax and reflect.

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White villa with tall windows and landscaped gardens
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Activities and Excursions

Fitness activities are provided daily with an extensive selection of partner sites offering world-class facilities within close proximity to Island Recovery inpatient center. Yoga and meditation, massage therapy and holistic wellness activities and all performerd under the supervision of qualified staff and trained instructors.

Excursions are provided at weekends to explore the best of what Bali has to offer, including stunning beaches and local attractions that make Bali such a popular tourist destination. Outings include visits to picturesque beaches, spa treatments and jungle walks. The more adventurous can enjoy some more challenging activities such as off-road mountain biking or quad biking.

During downtime, clients can also enjoy substance-free activities including swimming, fellowship meetings and group activities.

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Extended Recovery and Aftercare

The Extended Recovery Program (Phase II) is Island Recovery’s commitment to continuing aftercare, ensuring clients maintain their progress long after leaving the inpatient program. In week 4 of the inpatient treatment program, therapists work with clients to set up support in their local communities for the 100 days post-departure.

The focus of the Extended Care Program is on Clinical Care, Fitness Training, Connection and Fellowship, Family & Loved One Participation, Awareness Research, Nutrition and Core Value Alignment. With expert post-treatment support from Island Recovery, you are never alone, even after you leave Bali.

Weekly Schedule

Sample weekly schedule shows daily activities on offer at Bali rehab center

Experienced Clinical and Support Team

The clinical team at Island Recovery is supported by a dedicated clinical supervisor who ensures comprehensive and professional oversight of the program and services.

Every team member, from support specialists to clinicians, is committed to assisting each guest through the healing process, ensuring compassionate support backed by a wealth of experience. All clinicians at Island Recovery hold Master’s Degrees or higher, ensuring professional support and care on your recovery journey. The hospitality team provide a high level of comfort for guests, allowing the opportunity to focus on recovery for the duration of the treatment program.

Island Recovery has additional medical and clinical partnerships with leading medical practitioners and the nearby Bali Royal Hospital – ensuring a network of reliable healthcare support is easily accessible.

Useful Information

  • NAADAC certified staff.
  • Medical assessment on arrival.
  • Airport transfer arrangements included.
  • Visa service for extended treatment durations.

Testimonials and Reviews

“This is an extraordinary program that has provided immense value to my family. Justin’s experience and his supporting team are unmatched in the world.”

“For those wanting a strong and fulfilling treatment that enables you to have some level of discretion and autonomy within your rehabilitation, then Island Recovery provides a great balance and, for me, provided a wonderful outcome.”

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Renon, Bali, Indonesia