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Addiction Friend Asia is based in Hong Kong and provides treatment services for substance abuse and mental health issues that surround addiction.

In addition to counseling and aftercare services provided by Addiction Friend, advisers can also assess the needs of patients and recommend rehabilitation services throughout Asia based on the individual needs and circumstances of those they serve.

Local representatives are on hand to answer any questions about addiction and provide guidance and support to anyone looking to enter into an addiction recovery program including local and international services.

Detox (available off-site)

Accept Insurance (some)

Private Room (N/A)

Treatment Approach

Addiction Friend utilizes Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, Positive Psychology and Client Centered Therapy as treatment modalities. Using these tools it is possible to specifically diagnose psychological issues resulting from substance abuse and assist in addiction recovery.

Alcohol Addiction Treatment
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Drug Addiction Treatment
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Gambling Disorder Treatment
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Aftercare Options/Discharge Support

Counseling and aftercare services are available from local representatives in selected locations.

Need Help? Confidential Advice Available 24/7.

Useful Information

  • General advice and information provided by representatives is free.
  • As part of the Addiction Friend recovery network there are treatment options available throughout Asia.

Admission Requirements

Addiction Friend Asia welcomes anyone looking for advice and support for addiction related issues.


  1. I’m interested. I’ve got some questions to ask about addiction. Please how do I send in my questions and is there any way I can sign up to Addiction Friend? Thanks.

  2. Thanks for your interest. You can find more information on the Addiction Friend website. There are resources that should answer any questions you might have. You can also contact an adviser directly through the contact form if you need more help.

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