The Cabin Residence

Chiang Mai, Thailand

external view of the cabin residence


The Cabin Residence is an exclusive alcohol and drug addiction recovery service that provides treatment to a single client through a tailor-made program created and customized by a personal team of industry leading addiction treatment specialists who provide top-tier care in exquisite surroundings.

The Cabin Residence offer the ultimate addiction recovery experience, which combines the highest caliber one-on-one mental health and wellness treatment in a luxury, private and secure environment. A client’s every concern and needs are met by a team of professionally trained staff comprised of highly skilled and qualified experts with years of clinical experience.


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Private Room

Bespoke Treatment Approach

The specialized nature of The Cabin Residence ensures a highly personalized treatment approach is tailored to the clients specific needs. As part of an all-encompassing addiction recovery program, clients are attended to by their own personal team of clinical and support staff with regular consultations with the doctor-in-residence.

Physical therapy is provided by highly-experienced fitness instructors who have an in-depth understanding of the physical issues faced by addicts. Numerous excursions are also offered to destinations off-site under the supervision of experienced personnel.


The facilities available to clients during their time in treatment can be as extensive as desired. All aspects of the addiction rehabilitation program are tailor-made and come with access to state-of-the-art gyms, golf courses, tennis courts, mountain biking, kayaking, hiking and any other activity requested by the client.

infinity swimming pool
pool side relaxation area
luxury dining room with view of pool

Luxury Accommodation

The Cabin Residence offer premium accommodation options that are chosen from a select group of exclusive residences in Northern Thailand. Properties are selected to provide the upmost privacy with luxury features and lush tropical gardens.

The living accommodation provides for comfortable living for discerning clientele; decorated with the finest local fittings and furnishings. Modern conveniences include high quality bathrooms and kitchens, cable TV, video libraries and premium amenities.

bedroom with large windows
luxury marble bathroom suite
asian dining table and chairs

Customized Activities and Options

Numerous leisure activities are excursions are offered including jungle trekking, elephant rides, zip-lining through forest canopy, and local cultural experiences. All activities are designed to be informative and enriching to the overall rehabilitation process.

Need Help? Confidential Advice Available 24/7 from Rehab Placement Specialists.

Aftercare Options/Discharge Support

The Cabin Residence offer a unique online aftercare program that is compulsory during the first eight weeks after leaving primary treatment. It is also accessible to all former clients for however long they feel that they require professional support. Benefits include:

  • Continuity of treatment – addiction treatment should not end when you leave rehab.
  • The personal touch of seeing a counselor face-to-face.
  • Regular and easy access to professional help.
  • Help dealing with PAW (Post-Acute Withdrawal Symptoms), which are significant in early recovery.

Clinical Team and Staffing

Personal support staff include a nurse, personal trainer, mindfulness and yoga instructor, masseuse, private chef, chauffer and security personnel. Thailand’s leading addiction psychiatrist is on call 24/7 for medical emergencies with support from clinical staff available on-site at all times.

Additional Services

• Visa services if selecting 90 day program.
• Medical check-up at private hospital.
• 24 hour on call English speaking Doctor.

Admission Requirements

• You should be physically and mentally able to participate in daily activities.
• You must be willing to abide by treatment program rules and regulations.
• You must be willing to follow the treatment plan developed by the team of counselors.